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Gargano and her pearls...



The town was built atop a rock which drops sharply down to the sea.
Little is known about its origin but legends tells that the town was founded by Sueripolo, captain of a fleet of Slavonians.
Not far from the town stands the abbey of Santa Maria di Calena which was very important in past times. In the old town there is the medieval castle, the characteristic houses perched on cliffs overlooking the sea, rupestrian houses and the charming Church of S. Michele. Along the road towards Rodi Garganico there is the tower of Monte Pucci.
Peschici has got a wonderful Trabucco that you can visit if you are fond of fishing.
The patronal festival is St. Elia, in July.



Surrounded by olive groves, the town was built on the coast in a valley.
It was fairly important in Roman times when ships loaded with oil and wine set out from its port. The ruins of a villa discovered near the tiny port date back to Roman times but the area was inhabited much earlier as the traces of a Bronze Age settlement discovered on the close-by Monte Saraceno demonstrate.
Visit the chemist’s Sansone which preserves interesting archaeological finds. Althought not refusing its rural origins, nowadays the town, with its outlets to the sea at Mattinatella and Baia delle Zagare, has become a seaside resort.

Monte Sant'Angelo

Monte Sant'Angelo:

Historical capital of the Gargano, with its shrine of St. Michele where the Archangel is said to have miraculously appeared in 492-493.
Monte Sant’Angelo has always attracted pilgrims from near and far, and has been visited by popes, emperors and saints. On September 29th a group of pilgrims walk to Monte Sant’Angelo going along the ancient path of Sammichelari.
Another monument worth mentioning is the Tomba di Rotari. There are the adjacent churches of S. Pietro and S. Maria, and the Castello, built by the Normans.
The “Museum of arts and popular traditions”, where the folklore of the Gargano promontory is well documented is also worth mentioning.
From Monte Sant’Angelo along a panoramic road with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Manfredonia anf the Tavoliere it is possible to visit the ruins of the ancient abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano.

Vico del Gargano

Vico del Gargano:

Town of love! With its characteristic Vicolo del Bacio in the old town, described as one of the nicest of the Gargano.
The countryside Vichese is the most interesting of the promontory but it is known especially for its citruses.
The picturesque town is enriched by the ruins of a Castello which formed part of the defence system solicited by Fredrick II. In the old town you can also visit Tappeto Maratea, Il Palazzo della Bella, Il Convento dei Cappuccini, with its famous millenary oak, and La Chiesa Madre.
Don’t forget to visit Monte Tabor, 200 metres far from the church having the same name, and Monte Pucci near the railway station of Calenella, towards the coast road San Menaio – Rodi Garganico (level crossing).


Sea Grottos, Tremiti Islands, Foresta Umbra, Castellana Grottos, Trani, Alberobello Trulli, San Giovanni Rotondo (Shrine of Padre Pio), Monte Sant'Angelo, early Christian necropolis "La Salata", Peschici, Vieste.